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Dear Event Coordinator:


Berj Zavian, an Appraiser on the PBS show, Antique RoadShow, for over 15 years, is available for client appreciation events, galas, fund-raisers and any event you are seeking enjoyment and additional traffic.  His expertise, fine jewelry, is in his blood, going back 3 generations.


Check out an appearance:


Check out his webpage bio/photo on the PBS portal:


We believe a mini-roadshow event includes a lecture on various topics (see below) as well as an opportunity to know the history of a piece your guest brings with them... this is quite an opportunity that your guests will not want to miss.


Potential events (sample only):

    Perhaps a holiday event to thank your best customers/clients.

    Customer appreciation
    Introduce the public to the benefits of your organization

Lecture ideas (sample only):


    Pearls and the history and current situation

    History of collectible jewelry and the trends

    Diamonds, emeralds, precious stones

    History of jewelry in your personal collection.


Specifics (sample only):


Length of Lecture: 45 minutes


Length of Q&A: 15 minutes


History provided: One piece per person (depending on the number of people) for a total of one hour.


Appearance fee for approximately two hours:  $1000.00 plus travel/out of pocket expenses. Please contact us for exact pricing.


Contact:  Ellen Zavian at


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